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Prawns Jumbo

Prawns Jumbo

Prawns King Jumbo

Prawns King Jumbo

Prawns Super Jumbo

Cleaned | Peeled | Deveined | Tail On
A super sized prawn to add convenience to your cooking. Cleaned, peeled, no veins, just waiting to be cooked. Juicy and succulent our super jumbo prawns are perfect for Oriental cuisine, with honey and walnut and capsicum depending on the way your fancy takes you! We suggest, coriander and chili.
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Super jumbo super delicious.

Perfect for your curries, or even as an appetiser, our super jumbo prawns will mean super dining. Enjoy them without the fuss of deshelling, deveining and cleaning—so you can get down to cooking right away. Sold frozen they can be boiled, grilled, sautéed, baked or deep-fried, as your flavour preference takes you. Sprinkle the coriander generously!
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RTC Prawns Super Jumbo 200g Nutrition
  • Farm-raised
  • Sustainably cultured
  • Fresh caught and individually quick frozen—frozen within minutes of being harvested to lock in nutrition, texture and taste
  • With FSSAI, FDA, BRC and many other national and international certifications food safety is our priority
  • Hygienically packed
  • No Antibiotics
  • Contactless delivery

From the land of seafood lovers

Our prawns are harvested from the Bay of Bengal. A region where the climate blesses everything with its bounty and where the love of fish is a way of life. We know prawns farming like no other company does, working tirelessly with the best farmers that we can find. Our seafood is incredibly fresh and 100% traceable back to where it’s harvested.