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IFB Fresh Catch is a frozen seafood brand. For an optimal experience with IFB Fresh Catch, please read through our FAQ. If your query is of urgent nature and is different from the set of questions then please contact us at:

Email: online@ifbagro.in

Call us: 9831249000(9.30 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday, except National Holidays)

FB Page: www.facebook.com/ifbfreshcatchofficial/


  1. Is there GST on IFB Fresh Catch products?

    All our prices are inclusive of applicable Goods and Service Tax.

  2. Why is there a difference between gross weight and net weight?

    Gross weight: It is the total weight of the pack. It includes the weight of the product and the weight of the packaging materials.

    Net weight: It is the weight of the product inside the pack. It is declared on the outer pack. For ‘Ready To Cook’ product, it includes the weight of glazing on the product, as per meteorological guidance applicable for frozen products.

  3. Why is there a difference between the price of local vendors and IFB Fresh Catch?

    IFB Fresh Catch prawns & fishes are the freshest, most hygienic and tender options available in the market. The prawns & fishes available at other avenues doesn’t qualify even the bare minimum hygiene and safety standards due to how it is sourced, handled, processed and packed. Our prawns & fishes are selected with utmost care by a team of highly qualified experts. Plus, we don’t charge you for any surrogate wastage. You enjoy a far better value for money at IFB Fresh Catch than anywhere else.

  4. Are your prawns & fishes processed using any antibiotics and growth promoting hormones?

    No. Our product complies with the highest standards of safety, hygiene & health.

  5. Is the seafood fresh? How can I be sure?

    Freezing a Fish is the best way to keep it fresh for long. Fish that smells is definitely not fresh. It’s ironic, but fresh fish doesn’t smell fishy. You’ll be able to see it in the fish’s eyes. IFB Fresh Catch seafood is always fresh. Once you’ve experienced it, we’re sure you’ll be hooked on it.

  6. What is the difference between fresh / frozen prawn & fish?

    Theoretically, frozen prawn & fish have been held in a frozen atmosphere and whose temperature has dropped below -18⁰ C.

    Fresh prawn & fish are straight from the animal, held in a chill atmosphere below 4⁰ C but above freezing temperature. Also, fresh prawn & fish is always ready for consumption right away. You don’t have to thaw it or wait for it to defreeze. Fresh seafood deteriorates by the minutes. While frozen seafood is locked for nutrition & flavour for up to 2 years. The IQF technology locks the freshness and nutrition inside.

  7. What is the shelf life of IFB Fresh Catch prawns & fishes?

    All IFB Fresh Catch products will have an expiry date sticker (or best before sticker) which would mention the date before which the product can be consumed.

  8. How does IFB Fresh Catch maintain the prawn & fish’s freshness?

    Freshly harvested prawns and seafood are transported to our processing plants in insulated vehicles, within hours of harvest. They are then processed in a temperature controlled plant and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) at -40 degree centigrade. They are then stored at our storage facilities at -18 degree centigrade. Upon receiving your order, we transport them to your doorstep via insulated delivery containers.

    Thus from procurement to delivery, we have a stringent and robust cold chain in place, which holds our products between 0⁰to-18⁰ Celsius. This ensures that the prawn & fish are always fresh till it reaches you.

  9. How do I find out the nutritional information about the product?

    Please refer to the pack or website for the nutritional details, for each product.

  10. Is it safe to freeze the IFB Fresh Catch products, and then thaw it and consume?

    Yes, it is recommended that you store the products in a freezer before using it. Thaw it just before cooking. However, we won’t advise you to refreeze it after thawing.

  11. How to thaw RTC products?

    Defrost Prawns in the chiller compartment of the refrigerator until soft. For quicker defrosting, place prawns under running cold water.

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  13. How to thaw RTF products?

    RTF products do not require thawing. They should be fried/cooked straight out of the freezer

  14. How to cook RTC?

    Please refer to the suggested product recipes for the concerned product on our website.

  15. How to cook RTF?

    Simply fry and serve. You may also refer to our recipes section for exciting meals or dishes with our RTF range or interesting serving suggestions.

  16. What do you mean by ‘Fillets’?

    Fillet is the whole meat of fish without bones.

  17. What is the difference between Whole and Tail-on Prawn?

    The Whole Prawn comes with its head, shell and tail.

    The Tail-on Prawn comes to you de-shelled, deveined with its head removed, and with its tail on to give you that tantalizing crunch.

  18. Can I get custom sized prawns?

    Our retail packs are exhaustive right from the smallest prawns to king jumbo. If you still require a specific size, in bulk, do write to us at online@ifbagro.in. We would be happy to meet your requirements. However this is subject to availability at that point of time.

  19. Where and how long can I store the prawn & fish?

    Refer to the expiry date and store the prawn & fish in the frozen section of the refrigerator preferably at -18⁰ C.

  20. How long can you store the prawn & fish for?

    Refer to the expiry date on the pack.

  21. What is the fish used in your RTF products?

    Vietnamese Basa (Pangasius Hypophthalmus) and Indian Basa (Pangasius Pangasius) are used in our RTF products. We also use Bhetki fish (Lates Calcarifer) for one of our products.

  22. What is the fish used in Kolkata Bhetki Fries?

    Authentic Bhetki fish (Lates Calcarifer) is used in Kolkata Bhetki fries.

  23. What is the species of Basa in Basa Fish Fillets and Basa Cubes?

    Vietnamese Basa (Pangasius Bocourti) which is a type of catfish belonging to the Pangasiidae family, are used in Fish Fillet and Basa Cube.

  24. What is the species of shrimp in the Ready To Cook products?

    Sea caught prawns are used in IFB Fresh Catch , Small Prawns. Vannamei shrimps are used in the rest of the Ready To Cook products.

  25. Where do you source your shrimps from?

    Our main source of shrimps are the aquaculture coastal area of West Bengal. IFB Agro has over three decades of association with shrimp aqua farmers in West Bengal, wherein we have constantly provided them with technical know-how , certified products and aquaculture services to practice sustainable aquaculture. IFB fresh Catch prawns are sourced from these aqua farmers.

  26. Where do you source your Basa fish from?

    Basa fishes are imported from Vietnam.

  27. Do your products contain MSG?

    No, we do not add MSG to any of our RTC or RTF products during manufacturing/processing. Only IFB Fresh Catch Fish Poppers contain MSG, within Fssai permissible limits.

  28. Do your products contain preservatives?

    Our RTC products don’t contain any preservatives. However, some of our RTF products contain preservative E28 and calcium propionate, as per Fssai approved guidelines.

  29. Do your products contain antibiotics?

    No, our products don’t contain antibiotics.

  30. Do your products contain artificial colour?

    In some of our products artificial colours have been used. However they are strictly within FSSAI guidelines.

  31. Do your products contain artificial flavour?

    In some of our RTF products artificial flavors have been used. However they are strictly within FSSAI guidelines.

  32. Are your products certified by FSSAI?

    Yes, all our products are certified by FSSAI. Our FSSAI reg. no is 10012031000465

  33. Are your RTC products organic?


  34. How long can you store the products at room temperature?

    We don’t advise storing the product at room temperature. Ensure storage -18⁰ C or below for the best result.

  35. Do you need to thaw the RTC products before cooking?


  36. Do you need to thaw the RTF products before cooking?


  37. How long do you need to Fry your RTF products?

    Reduce flame and deep fry till golden brown.

  38. What are Party packs

    Party packs are economical packs if you happen to require our products in bulk quantities for guests coming over or home party. These packs come in 1 Kg size and multiple such packs may be purchased. They have a general common packaging for all RTC products and a separate general common pack for all RTF products. Product details are mentioned on a sticker on the back of the pack. Be assured that we serve the same quality of product in the Party packs.

  39. Can your RTF products be air fried?

    Prawn Money bags can be Air Fried. Please refer to the instructions on the back of the pack. Rest of the RTF products are breaded hence cannot be Air Fried.

  40. Is IFB Agro a registered company?

    Yes, IFB Agro is a registered company. It is listed on BSE and NSE. More information about our company may be accessed at www.ifbagro.in.


  1. Do I need to register or create an account before making a purchase?

    Yes, you will require to create your account before making a purchase on www.ifbfreshcatch.com

  2. How do I register?

    Your email address and phone number are all that you require to sign-up and login. Click on the ‘Sign-up’ on the top right corner of the home page.

  3. Are there any charges for registration?

    No. Registration on ifbfreshcatch.com is absolutely free.

  4. Can I have multiple registrations?

    Each email address and contact phone number can only be associated with one IFB Fresh Catch account.

  5. Can I add more than one delivery address in an account?

    Yes, you can add multiple delivery addresses in your IFB Fresh Catch account. However, remember that all items placed in a single order can only be delivered to one address. If you want different products delivered to different addresses you need to place them as separate orders.

  6. Can I have multiple accounts with the same mobile number and email id?

    Each email address and phone number can be associated with one IFB Fresh Catch account only. Two accounts can not have the same mobile number.

  7. Can I have multiple accounts for members in my family with different mobile numbers and email address but same or common delivery address?

    Yes, we do understand the importance of time and the toil involved in shopping groceries. Up to three members in a family can have the same address provided the email address and phone number associated with the accounts are unique.

  8. I think I may have forgotten my password.

    Go to the login page and click on the forgot password. You will be directed to create a new password, through your registered email ID.

  9. I think I may have forgotten which email address I used! What should I do?

    If you can’t remember your email address, then you will need to create a new IFB Fresh Catch Account or write to us at online@ifbagro.in with subject- “Forgot login credential”

  10. How can I see my previous orders?

    You can find your previous order information by logging into your IFB Fresh Catch Account. Choose ‘My Orders’ for the list of transactions.

  11. I am unable to log in to my account.

    Try the 'Forgot Password' option on the login page. If you’re still not able to log in, refer to ‘9’.

  12. How do I change my password?

    Go to: My Account>>Under Account information block click on change password.

  13. How do I change my address?

    Go to My Account>>Address Book>>Add/edit

  14. Can I have different city addresses under one account and still place orders for multiple cities?

    Yes, you can place orders for multiple cities. However every time you will have to reset the delivery PIN CODE , in order to view/access the products available at that location.

  15. What are loyalty points & where can I see my loyalty points?

    As a registered customer you will earn points for purchasing products from our portal. You can use these points at the time payment of your next orders with some terms and conditions. These earned points are called loyalty points. To check your earned loyalty points: Go to My Account>>My Rewards.


  1. Will I be able to return the products ordered partially or fully after receiving them?

    We do not accept returns. You are requested to check your products against order , upon receipt of the order. However in case you have concerns on the quality of the product , request you to write to us at online@ifbagro.in or contact customer care. Such complaints may be investigated and product replaced on a case to case basis

  2. Will I be able to order more than one of the same items?

    Yes, you will be able to order more than one of the same items. Simply change the numerical value in your shopping cart to your desired quantity.

  3. How can I cancel my order?

    In case you would like to rethink your purchase, you can cancel your order at any point until it is out for delivery and your money will be refunded to your original source of payment. It will be initiated instantly at the time of cancellation and credited to your payment source in a maximum of 5-7 business days. Please note that once your order is out for delivery, it cannot be cancelled or refunded irrespective of the mode of payment.

    To cancel an order, go to My Account>>My Orders and cancel the order

  4. I haven’t received my order confirmation email/SMS.

    Your order confirmation email is sent to the email address linked to your IFB Fresh Catch Account immediately upon placing your order. If you do not receive it, please check the junk or spam folder in your email client. If you still cannot locate the confirmation, you may log into your IFB Fresh Catch Account and select 'My Orders' to view all of your orders. If the order you placed does not appear, the order was not successfully confirmed. You may also write to us at online@ifbagro.in or call us at 9831249000 if you’re experiencing any difficulties in placing and / or confirming your order.

  5. Why are the items in my shopping cart no longer available?

    Items will continue to appear in your cart until you’ve removed them or checked out. Make sure you are logged in to your IFB Fresh Catch Account. Your name will appear on the upper right side of the screen. If you are not logged in, do so by clicking the 'SIGN IN' button. If you are logged into your account and if you have not checked out or removed the items from your bag, the items may have been sold out.

  6. How do I place my order?

    You can place an order from our Website www.ifbfreshcatch.com. You will require to open an account with your email Id and phone number before you can order.

  7. Can I pre-book an order?

    No, we do not have that facility yet. Request you to order for your products a day in advance, considering the next day is not a Sunday or holiday.

  8. How can I track my order?

    Your order will be delivered within the next working day or earlier. However, a real time tracking system is not activated yet. You may please write to online@ifbagro.in or call us at 9831249000 for any concern regarding your order.

  9. I have not received my order. Who do I contact?

    Go to Order History under your Account and check the status of your order. If you still have any queries, then please contact us at online@ifbagro.in or call us at 9831249000

  10. I received an incomplete order.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please contact our team at online@ifbagro.in. We’ll address your issue immediately.

  11. How do I add or remove products after placing my order?

    Once you have placed your order you will not be able to make modifications on the order . You may please choose to cancel your order and place a fresh order.

  12. Is it possible to order an item which is out of stock

    No, you can only order products which are in stock. We try to ensure availability of all products on our website however due to supply chain issues sometimes this is not possible

  13. How do I check the current status of my order?

    Go to My Account>>My orders

    However, a real time tracking system is not available yet. You may please write to online@ifbagro.in or call us at 9831249000 for any concern regarding your order.


  1. Can I ship to multiple addresses at the same time?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to multiple addresses at this time. We recommend placing separate orders for each address.

  2. Do you charge for the delivery?

    There is no delivery charge if the order value is more than Rs 500/-. A flat delivery charge of Rs.50 (including GST) is applicable if the order value is below Rs. 500.

  3. Can I order for a delivery to a different address?

    Yes, you can put a shipping address which is different from your billing address in your Account panel. You can add and save as many addresses as you want to. Please note that availability of products are specific to Pin Codes. Hence set the Pin Code to your desired delivery location before filling your cart.

  4. When will I receive my order?

    Your order will be delivered within the next working day considering that the next day is not a Sunday or holiday. In case next is a Sunday or holiday your order would be delivered on the 1st working day after the Sunday or holiday.

  5. Will someone inform me if my order delivery gets delayed?

    In case of a delay, our customer support team will keep you updated about your delivery.

  6. What is the minimum order for delivery?

    There is no minimum order for delivery but we charge a nominal delivery fee for order value below Rs. 500. No delivery charge is applicable for order value above Rs. 500.

  7. Do you do same day delivery?

    No, not at this moment.


  1. I'm unable to apply a coupon code to my order.

    Coupon codes may not be applicable on discounted products unless specified otherwise. Also, multiple coupon codes are not applicable for the same order. For any challenge write to us at online@ifbagro.in.

  2. Am I entitled to Free Delivery while promotional offers are running?

    Delivery charges are extra (unless specified otherwise). Offers mentioned will be at a product level only. Delivery fee is applicable if cart value is less than Rs 500/-.

  3. Is shopping at www.ifbfreshcatch.com secure?

    We protect your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. Our software encrypts all your personal information including name, email, phone number and address. The encryption process takes the characters you enter and converts them into bits of code that are then securely transmitted over the Internet.

    We do not store your credit and debit card details on our server. You shall enter your payment information only during the time of payment with the payment gateway provider who also has state of the art encryption and security systems in place to secure this information. You can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

    We do not sell your information to any third party. We use your information to provide and improve our services. We also use personal information to display interest-based ads for features, products, and services that might interest you. We don't use information that personally identifies you to display interest-based ads.

  4. What modes of payment do you accept?

    We accept online payments through all major credit & debit cards, NEFT, PayTM Wallet, AMEX card, UPI payment, cash on delivery and card payment on delivery is also possible. The payment has to be made in India Rupees, as per the final invoice

  5. What happens in case of a payment failure?

    In case of any payment failures and charges incurred, refund will be routed through the vendor’s payment gateway. Refund is back to source only and subject to third party vendor’s policy. Payment to other than customer account/third party payment is not permitted under Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

  6. What if I pay via Cash on Delivery and seek a refund due to cancellation?

    We have no refund policy for orders that are delivered. However, in rare instances if it is required to be refunded and you will be refunded in cash.

  7. Transaction money was deducted, but I did not get an order confirmation.

    This generally happens due to an issue from your bank side, where the funds are held up. Typically, you should get an automatic refund within 72 hours. However, if you still want to clarify, please contact our team via email at online@ifbagro.in or call us at 9831249000.

  8. Can I apply multiple coupons on a single order?

    No, you cannot club different coupons on a single order. Only one offer is applicable for a single order.

  9. Is it safe to use my credit/ debit card on IFB Fresh Catch?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe to use your card on ifbfreshcatch.com. A recent directive from RBI makes it mandatory to have an additional authentication pass code verified by VISA (VBV) or MSC (Master Secure Code) which has to be entered by online shoppers while paying online using a visa or master credit card. It means extra security for customers, thus making online shopping safer.

  10. What is the meaning of cash on delivery?

    Cash on delivery means that you can pay for your order at the time of order delivery at your doorstep.

  11. If I pay by credit card how do I get the amount back for items not delivered?

    If we are not able to deliver all or part of the products in your order and you have already paid for them online, the applicable amount will be refunded to your payment source.


  1. My item arrived damaged or defective. What should I do?

    Prawn & fish products can only be returned if:

    a. It’s delivered after the expiry date.

    b. The package has been altered or damaged during transit.

    c. The item delivered is not what you had placed an order for.

    If you are unhappy with your order, please raise your concern by reaching out to us at the time of delivery on online@ifbagro.in or our customer care number.

  2. Do you offer refunds?

    Please note that orders once out for delivery cannot be refunded irrespective of the mode of payment. Please review your order carefully before submission. However, if your order has arrived damaged or defective, you can raise your concerns by reaching out to us at the time of delivery on online@ifbagro.in. The refund will reach you in 15 working days.

  3. I have a quality concern. What should I do?

    From processing to delivery, we take stringent care at every step of the way to make sure that there are no quality concerns whatsoever. However, if you still feel that there’s a lapse in quality from our end, you can contact us at online@ifbagro.in or 9831249000.

  4. I have not yet received my refund for online payment.

    Once the refund process has been initiated, the amount will be returned to your bank account within 15 working days. If you haven’t received your refund within 15 working days, please reach out to us at online@ifbagro.in or call us at 9831249000.

  5. What are the modes of refund?

    The amount will be refunded to the credit card and also credit the money back to your credit card. Please contact customer support for any further assistance regarding this issue.


  1. There’s an error that keeps popping up every time I checkout.

    An error message at checkout could mean a few things. Make sure your billing information is correct. This includes the card number, expiration date and CVC/CVV security code. If your card has expired or has an invalid expiration date, the payment won’t go through and you may receive an error message. Unfortunately, there is no way for us or our system to override incorrect verification. In case you still need help, please mail us at online@ifbagro.in or call us at 9831249000.


  1. How do I contact customer service?

    Our customer service team is available throughout the week, all six days Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. They can be reached at 9831249000 or via email at online@ifbagro.in.

  2. What are your timings to contact customer service?

    Our customer service team is available at 9.30 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday, except National Holidays.

  3. How can I give feedback on the quality of customer service?

    Our customer support team constantly strives to ensure the best shopping experience for all our customers. We would love to hear about your experience with IFB Fresh Catch. Do write to us online@ifbagro.in to share your views.

  4. How do I raise a claim with customer service for any of the Guarantees - Delivery Guarantee, Quality Guarantee?

    If you face any issues with price, quality or delivery of products we will take every measure to address the issue and make it up to you. Please contact our customer support team with details or your order as well as the issue you faced.

  5. Will IFB Fresh Catch ask for sensitive information such as bank account details, PIN number, card number

    Please note that our customer service team will never ask you to share information other than your email ID, phone number, and name registered with IFB Fresh Catch. If you get any email, call or message from anyone claiming to be from IFB Fresh Catch asking for sensitive information such as bank account details, PIN number, card number, etc., please do not share it.


  1. What precautions have you taken to ensure that the food is not contaminated and safe from Covid virus?

    We adhere to strict government/Fssai guidelines to ensure that our products are safe and devoid of any virus contamination.

    Our manufacturing facility is also certified for USFDA, Euroleaf, etc. to meet all export protocols, since this facility also manufactures/processes products for international markets.

    Few steps that we have additionally taken to ensure food safety

    Updated Procedures-- To ensure the safety of our customer, IFB Fresh Catch is mandating that all managers on duty conduct wellness checks, including temperature taking, for each Team Member before every shift.

    Hand Washing-- Team Members are now required to wash their hands every 30 minutes at minimum as per virus spread prevention guidance.

    Sanitization--The factory floor is sanitized with disinfectants at regular intervals in keeping with GOI guidelines.

    Contactless-- Dedicated insulation boxes are used to distribute orders to avoid direct contact between Team Members and customers. Every 30 minutes, Team Members will wash, rinse and sanitize.

    Prevention-- Managers are now using a Coronavirus Prevention Checklist as well as processes to ensure all Team Members are continuing to be properly trained, to understand, and adhere to the new procedures.

    Illness and Exclusion Policy-- All Employees go through training that covers food safety, personal hygiene, and Team Members safety.

  2. Are IFB Fresh Catch products available across the country?

    We currently operate in 10 major cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad, NCR, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur and Kolkata. However our online ordering and delivery service is active at select Pin Codes only. Request you to check your Pin Code before ordering for our products. We would soon be expanding our operations in other cities/Pin codes.

  3. I have a business proposal for IFB Fresh Catch.

    Please write to us at online@ifbagro.in with all the necessary details. Your proposal will be shared with the relevant team. If your proposal interests us, we’ll get back to you.

  4. I want to work for IFB Fresh Catch.

    We’re always on the hunt for talented individuals to join our team. Please send in your resume to online@ifbagro.in.

  5. Can I pick up my order from your nearest outlet?

    No, we do not have that facility yet.

  6. I want to place a bulk order.

    Please consider the party packs section for bulk order. You can also send us a mail to online@ifbagro.in and please specify the product(s), quantity, date and time that you require the order.

  7. I want to unsubscribe from IFB Fresh Catch promotional emails and SMS.

    Write to us at online@ifbagro.in

  8. Do you have offline stores?

    No. However, we are available at major retail outlets like Spencer, Big Bazar, Nature Basket etc.

  9. Where can I find currently running offers/ promotions?

    Go to the OFFERS section on our website.