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Head and Shell on Scampi
  •   Head and Shell on Scampi
  •   Head and Shell on Scampi
  •   Head and Shell on Scampi

Head and Shell on Scampi

500 g | 9-11 pieces | Ready To Cook

At IFB FreshCatch we are committed to serving our customers products, of the highest quality.

For over 20 years our experts have sourced the very best ‘antibiotic free’ shrimps from our aquafarmers’ ponds with commitment and dedication. Freshly harvested prawns are frozen within hours of harvest, using IQF(Individual Quick Freezing) technology. The IQF process preserves all the goodness and freshness inside. Upon being thawed and cooked, the natural juices of the prawns are released, making them soft, succulent and great to taste. The IFB Quality code goes to great lengths to routinely monitor product quality and food safety systems to ensure compliance to strict global quality standards and safety norms like BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) , BRC (British Retail Consortium) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). No wonder we are the most trusted supplier for some of the most esteemed Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers in the country.

Enjoy cooking delightful recipes with IFB FreshCatch Prawns!

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Serving Suggestion
  • Defrost prawns in the chiller compartment until soft
  • For quicker defrosting, keep prawns immersed in cold water until soft
  • Once defrosted, prawns are ready to cook.Defrosting ensures even cooking
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