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Prawns Jumbo - 1 Kg Party Pack

Prawns Jumbo - 1 Kg Party Pack

Prawn Pops - 1 Kg Party Pack

Prawn Pops - 1 Kg Party Pack

Prawn Patties - 1 Kg Party Pack

Our prawns are sourced from the warm coastal waters of Bengal to ensure consistency and freshness in each prawn patty. These crispy and crunchy prawn patties have been processed for making international quality gourmet food in minutes - and in bulk they're party friendly.
As low as ₹270.00 was ₹540.00
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Good for a snack, great in a bun

Enjoy the succulence of 100% real prawns wrapped in savoury bread crumbs. Our Prawn Patties are made with an extra golden-crispy flavour. Sprinkle that peri-peri over the prawn patty!
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