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Prawn Cheese Balls - 1 Kg Party Pack

Prawn Cheese Balls - 1 Kg Party Pack

Fish Poppers - 1 Kg Party Pack

Crispy and Crunchy
Have a craving for fish poppers without the fuss? These are fish nuggets are just perfect for your guests. Our generously packaged crispy crunchy fish poppers add a delicious pop of crunch to any party.
As low as ₹565.00
Inclusive of GST

Crunchy pops of perfection

Feeling like popping a popper party? Here they are! Sold frozen our expertly seasoned, golden crispy and oh-so-tender breaded fish poppers will make best buds with your guests' tastebuds! Here sharing fish pops has to be an option - since you're the host!
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